Announcing: Beyond Digital Marketing - John Whiting

By ndadmin
It's a privilege to announce an exciting event targeted to those who are investing in Digital Marketing however not seeing the results that they need. Cue - John Whiting, CEO - Digital Kryptonite. John leverages the Internet to reverse engineer a business, emphasizing marketing as the tip of the spear. Join us on January 11, 2018 at Trailhead!  Not only do you get to hear him speak, you can signup and attend a han... Read Full Post

Mobile App Development in Boise

By ndadmin
Mobile App Developers in Boise are in high demand, and should be - because there are a lot of great mobile app developers here. Some developers focus specifically in iOS, Android, or some Hybrid framework, and some developers work on any and all.  Some still are full-stack developers and work like a swiss-army-knife of programming technologies. We do a lot of mobile app development, and thus we work with sever great... Read Full Post

I Need a Web Developer in Boise

By ndadmin
A lot of people need a web developer or just some web development, and a lot of people in Boise hire our team to handle their website and software programming needs.  We can assign a web developer to work directly for you, as if they're a remote employee.  You work directly with them, assign tasks, review their work, train them on specific things you do...or have them train you :) Bottom line, when you just need a w... Read Full Post

Decision Pints - VR for Marketing, David Cleverdon

By ndadmin
Jason Dodd: Welcome back again. We're here with another episode of Decision Pints. Our guest is David Cleverdon. Our beer of the day is the Payette Brewing Rustler IPA, and our topic is VR in marketing. Cheers to you, David.  David Cleverdon: Cheers to you.  Jason Dodd: So, we've talked before about virtual reality. You've been pioneering research into leveraging the technology for a variety of business benefits. I... Read Full Post

Nerdybot - Conversational Engagement

By jason
We have rebuilt our site with an emphasis on a conversational experience with our visitors.  It may or may not turn out to be the right idea, we are measuring and will find out soon enough. We want to engage our visitors, and typically they come to our site expecting the ability to click around, review our site and about us, and then if they want to - to fill out our contact form. This is typical, and we thought we c... Read Full Post

Night time in Chicago

By ndadmin
Love this photo - was taken after meeting with a client in Chicago. ... Read Full Post

WeWork Soho, New York City

By ndadmin
Met with a client in New York City, at a WeWork location in Soho. Was awesome. ... Read Full Post

Game Developers Conference

By ndadmin
GDC in San Francisco - huge, and awesome conference.  ... Read Full Post

Little Roadblocks

By jason is the most authoritative directory on the web, and a link from that directory to your website is one of the most influential single links there is. We've applied several times to be included, and for some reason...we weren't. After all, it's an open directory and relies primarily on volunteers to review and include the requests. Either there was no one to review our links, they were too busy, or they just d... Read Full Post

Decision Pints - Wyatt Werner, Boise Classic Movies

By colby
We discuss Wyatt Werner's entrepreneurial ventures, including Boise Classic Movies. This is our second episode, and one of our most popular ever. ... Read Full Post

How to start a business – Nerdy Dragon style

By jason
Ok, so this isn't the best way to start/run a business, however we've compiled a list of some of the key factors involved in our success: Work for an employer that gets a few months behind on payroll, right before you start your company Open in a city where you don't know many people Venture into a business that you don't yet have a portfolio in Select a business with low overhead - and lots of competition Try doing... Read Full Post

The Absolute Basics of Local Marketing on the Internet

By eric
Knowing where to place your ads online can be daunting, but it’s easier than ever thanks to improvements in search engine optimization. Services like Google and Facebook are doing their part as well by putting ads where consumers are most likely to see them during their daily internet browsing. We’ll go over some of the ways you can use these tools to bring your online advertising campaign to its full potential   Tar... Read Full Post

Strategies for Engaging an Audience via Email

By eric
Creating interesting and engaging emails is an artform, but it takes a good deal of practice and discipline to do it. Here we’ll assume that you already have a decent amount of people subscribed to your email list. Now that you’re able to get in contact with your audience, it’s time to turn them into paying customers.   An attention-grabbing title It all begins with a suitable title. The title of your email will make... Read Full Post

How Companies are Using Content Marketing

By eric
What is Content Marketing? More and more companies are embracing content marketing for their advertising campaigns. It creates much higher levels of engagement compared to traditional methods of advertising. But what exactly is it and how have other companies used it? Let’s dive in and explore the history and evolution of content marketing.   In essence, content marketing is a more personal way of advertising than di... Read Full Post

So What is SXSW?

By eric
If you clicked on this blog post, you’re probably wondering what this whole SXSW deal is all about. Well, you’re in luck! We’ll be looking at all of the excitement that comes along with the event.   SXSW, or South by SouthWest, is divided into 4 distinct tradeshows that focus on film, music, comedy, and interactivity respectively. All four take place simultaneously throughout 10 days of activities, so you’ll always h... Read Full Post