3 Standout Startups We Saw at CollisionConf 2016

By eric on 07/13/2016

Collision has evolved into a hub for business moguls and small startups alike to come together and learn about the industry’s latest trends. This year’s festivities took place in New Orleans and were offset by two weekends of Jazz Fest. Over 7,500 people from 50 different countries were in attendance, all excited to hear from CEOs, founders, and other integral speakers. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Samsung make appearances, too. Tons of speakers took the time to share their own experiences and give out helpful advice.
We wanted to highlight three budding companies whose ideas caught our attention at this year’s event. Keep in mind that there were plenty of standout products showcased, but these are the ones we chose to highlight.

Robiis (Pictured above)

This one definitely had us excited. With the younger generations growing up surrounded with technological advancements every day, it’s inevitable that they will need to learn how to contribute to that technology-driven future. Robiis (pronounced ro-bees) is an educational tool designed to help children learn simple programming and problem-solving skills. The idea is simple: kids set up a maze of Robiis tiles and use a mobile app to give a physical robot commands on how to reach the goal. This excellent concept stemmed from desire to create a game that both girls and boys could enjoy and benefit from without the need to market it primarily towards either gender. There are currently three adorable characters named Bloxer, Spug Yeti, and Grrr with plans to expand the roster as well as the number of unique tiles in future expansions.


Targeted at recent graduates and anyone just entering the workforce, Portfolium is an interactive resume workers can link to their potential employers so they can see all of the standout work they’ve done. Anything from Youtube videos to writing samples to code can be showcased on a Portfolium. Instead of simply telling employers the work you’ve done in the past, why not show them your talent? Portfolium makes hiring entry-level employees easy for both employee and employer alike.
Employers can see what programs an employee is proficient in just at a glance; Portfolium tracks what types of files and projects are being added so companies looking to hire can see what programs they’re most comfortable working with.





Gramovox is a company that combines vintage style with modern sensibilities to bring you a one-of-a-kind music experience. They’ve reinvented two of the most recognizable pieces of musical hardware - the gramophone and the record player - and redesigned them with today’s technology in mind.
The Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0 is a great retro addition to any home. Its compact design allows it to be placed on virtually any surface and its sleek finish looks great in any room.
Vinyl records have made a resurgence in recent years and have proven to be as popular as ever. Gramovox’s Floating Record turntable is vertical so you can see and hear vinyl in a completely new way. Enjoy the cathartic spin of a record with a modern twist.

We had a great time checking out all of the amazing startups at Collisionconf 2016 and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store. Keep up the great work, everyone!

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