4 Ways to Make your Local Online Business Stand Out

By eric on 03/25/2016


It can be difficult to know how and where to sell your products on the internet. There is no shortage of ways to do it; should you invest in your own website to sell from or use other websites like Etsy or Ebay? These are just a few of the many ways you can harness the power of the internet to sell your wares.


Use other websites to make your mark

Using other websites that act as a hub for creators can be a great way to sell your product if you specialize in one specific item. Even if you plan to expand your own brand in the future, these websites can help you gain valuable exposure for your future endeavors. Etsy and Ebay have been popular choices for up-and-coming entrepreneurs as ways of gauging how much demand there is for their product. If what they’re selling proves to be selling well and gaining them a reputation, it might be time to set up their own online store.


Promote yourself on social media

One crucial step to setting up your digital shop is letting your friends know about your new business venture. They already support you and what you do, so getting them to get behind what you’re doing should be a piece of cake. Simple steps like sharing links to your online store on Facebook to your closest friends and family can boost your exposure early on. Giving them additional incentives for sharing your post with their circle of friends like modest discounts are sure to bring in more excited customers. If people especially enjoy not only the product, but their personal buying experience as a whole (time it took for them to receive the product, the presentation, customer support, etc.), expect them to sing your praises to their peers.


Use online ads to draw in the crowd

Getting the attention of your friends is great, but so is bringing in new customers, too. There are plenty of services at your fingertips for advertising online, but Google AdWords will be the most helpful to you. Employing the help of the most popular search engine in the world will make sure that anyone that is looking for what you offer will be sure to see it. You can adjust how far your outreach needs to go, whether it’s within your city or even to the entire world. You only have to pay for when people click on your link, so if you draw in enough paying customers from your ad, you’ll be making a pretty penny in no time.


Keep it light

Walking into the store of any local business reveals a distinctly different feel from large household names. There is a homely atmosphere, where the mood is light and fun for everyone. That feeling should be represented in your website through a variety of aesthetic choices. You can add some humor to your error page with a silly graphic and equally humorous text like “oopsies.” Ditching formalities will help you to not only stand out from the big-name companies, but also create a one-of-a-kind buying experience for the customer.


Taking your business online can be daunting, but as long as you know the basics beforehand, you’ll be a master of internet sales in no time.