The Absolute Basics of Local Marketing on the Internet

By eric on 08/31/2016

Knowing where to place your ads online can be daunting, but it’s easier than ever thanks to improvements in search engine optimization. Services like Google and Facebook are doing their part as well by putting ads where consumers are most likely to see them during their daily internet browsing. We’ll go over some of the ways you can use these tools to bring your online advertising campaign to its full potential


Target your ads within a local radius

Thanks to improvements with SEO, it’s now possible to target potential customers within a particular radius from your business. You can make your ad appear statewide or even just within the city limits. Know how far you want your ad to reach so you don’t end up spending more than you need to on advertising. It’s not the best plan for a statewide marketing campaign when you only have a single location. Interested customers will not want to drive potentially miles and miles just to get to your business, so decide how far you want your ad  to reach before advertising to the wrong people.


Blog about the things your customers care about

While it might not feel like it, your business has an advantage over the entrepreneurial giants in your area: you can get to know your customers on a personal basis. Investing your own time into your customers will inevitably leave a lasting impression and hopefully keep them coming back to your business time and time again.

But how does this tie into blogging? You’ll most likely have discovered the various interests of your clients after spending a good deal of time socializing with them. Take this info and figure out how you can translate this into an online format that they can enjoy reading. For example, if you run a mechanic business, you might make a few blog posts or even a basic tutorial video about simple mechanical fixes they can do right at home. This will simultaneously help them and promote your business!


Take advantage of social media

Facebook and Twitter also allow you to show your ad to people depending on how close they are to your location. With the prevalence of social media in people’s daily lives, it’s incredibly important to set up a page people can follow what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. Once you’re finished establishing your page, you’ll be able to target your ads based on a person’s location, their individual likes, and what platform they use most often to check Facebook. With over a billion people using the service, it’s safe to assume that someone who wants what you’re selling will be using the service. If you simply want to run your ad in front of the most amount of people, though, it’s going to cost you; ad prices scale up depending on how many people you want Facebook to display it to.
Hopefully marketing your business online won’t seem so intimidating now. There are a variety of recent innovations that have made advertising simpler than ever before. So find the strategy that works best for your business and begin your online marketing campaign today!

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