E-commerce Challenges

By jason on 12/21/2015

Some e-commerce challenges are more involved than others and anyone can plug some products into a pre-built shopping cart; however, tailoring a cart to your needs is a much more involved proposition.

Shipping, product attributes, configuration rules, constraints, inventory..the list goes on and on.

While working on solving an intricate ordering challenge for a specific industry, we've come across an excellent write-up involving Drupal commerce: http://drupal.org/node/1338172

In it, one of the top commerce developers in the world, rszrama, captures the moment with the comment: "Epic". I wholeheartedly agree.

Very few systems deliver the power and flexibility to completely tailor a commerce solution to your needs; moreover, Drupal + Drupal Commerce + Rules + Custom code & Ingenuity together are a big deal.

The community behind Drupal has enough substance, that you can even find people with similar challenges, and how they've solved them.

Thanks Drupal & the Drupal community. We're proud to serve Drupal from Boise.