Handy Drupal Module - admin role

By jason on 08/06/2013

Drupal is an outstanding content management system, and it's beauty is it's flexibility.

A pure drupal installation downloaded from www.drupal.org is minimalistic, and has certain nuances that aren't ideal. To account for that, Drupal has a beautiful module system/api.

One handy module, is admin role: http://drupal.org/project/adminrole

What does admin role do? Well, it makes it easy to create use the content construction kit and simplify the task of administering permissions to the new cck fields you add.

cck permissions in Drupal is one of the cumbersome adminisration items. The permissions admin page is a bit of a bear to work with, when you have lots of fields - and sometimes you just want to create a role that users can access anything - or almost anything.

admin role will automatically give a role the permission it needs without you needing to go to the permissions screen to do it. This simple module can save hundreds, or even thousands of clicks, which is very nice :)

We love Drupal.

website admin role