How to start a business – Nerdy Dragon style

By jason on 10/06/2016

Ok, so this isn't the best way to start/run a business, however we've compiled a list of some of the key factors involved in our success:

  1. Work for an employer that gets a few months behind on payroll, right before you start your company
  2. Open in a city where you don't know many people
  3. Venture into a business that you don't yet have a portfolio in
  4. Select a business with low overhead - and lots of competition
  5. Try doing almost everything yourself - all jobs in the business - because you don't have to pay yourself as much as others
  6. Cold call using the yellow pages as your only leads source
  7. Underbid, be lenient on accounts receivable, and bill everything at cost for the first year and a half
  8. Use 30% of your marketing budget to purchase pocket protectors

Doh! None of these sound like too good of an idea - although the pocket protectors are pretty sweet; just ask if you'd like one. There's definitely more to it:

  1. Be relentless in providing the absolute best value you can
  2. Utilize every opportunity for it's value in relationship building, learning, and marketing
  3. Seek out the best - people, technology, projects
  4. Absolve yourself of fear, uncertainty, anxiety - Absolutely believe in what you do
  5. Make friends with those who do the same/similar - see how you can align strengths and help each other
  6. Attend functions and events that support your passions and interests
  7. Be part of a community - participate in organizations, learn/share with others
  8. Keep at it - like water wearing down a boulder

Of course, we've had the support of many - our family, friends, collaborators, customers, and community resources. It's been a long road - we're proud and as determined as ever to continue providing the best value for our clients and contributing the highest and best use of our talents. We're not perfect; although our ambition, passion, and determination is very difficult to match. We've worked long and hard to get where we are, and look forward to the years to come. Thanks you, to all of our clients, collaborators, and others - who have helped us learn and grow. Sometimes, all you need is an opportunity, a sense of purpose, and the will to persevere.

Nerdy Dragon Startup