I Need a Web Developer in Boise

By ndadmin on 07/18/2017

A lot of people need a web developer or just some web development, and a lot of people in Boise hire our team to handle their website and software programming needs. 

We can assign a web developer to work directly for you, as if they're a remote employee.  You work directly with them, assign tasks, review their work, train them on specific things you do...or have them train you :) Bottom line, when you just need a web developer, we can provide one directly.

Of course, we're happy to assign a project manager to be your point of contact, translating business requirements into technical and web-specific terms that can help be more efficient working with a web developer and getting things done online.

Whether it's a website or a web application, the development of it can often be a key challenge in building a successful asset.  A good web developer will not only build things, they will structure and manage code, write using libraries, use modern software design patterns and object oriented techniques, and build a true asset that runs reliably and can serve your needs into the future.

Our team does just that.

All of our web development projects are managed using a software version control system, typically a git repository hosted on either bitbucket or github. From there, we make regular commits and manage branches to successfully maintain web software for you.

Some of our clients maintain multiple environments, with a live production system, a staging system, a testing server, and then local development.  While this does add some overhead, it is a proven method to migrate the features that are developed through the proper testing channels to enhance the success of delivering code online.

A lot of complexity can reside in a web application or website, and it's critical to build robust components as manage them properly.  

Some of our clients also hire us to be their QA and Infrastructure teams, making sure to test, certify, and maintain the key web assets we're building for them.  Other clients simply hire our developers to work for them, and handle testing and server/infrastructure maintenance internally.

And yet other clients start with us doing that, and then having us help them hire and train an internal team.

Every relationship and project is different, we respect the unique situation you are in, and want to help serve your needs to the best of our ability.


Web Developer in Boise