The Most Popular Drupal Modules

By eric on 08/06/2016

Modules are a significant part of the Drupal experience. Developers are constantly creating additional features that keep things fresh and allow the program to constantly be improved. Here are some of our favorites that have caught our attention:


Chaos Tools

This one is essential for Drupal users. It generally makes the developing process much easier on the developer by adding many additional features like editing of a single process across multiple pages and being able to store and access website elements like default views and more. Additionally, it also makes Drupal play nice with AJAX, opening up a whole slew of  unique ways for the developer to create a standout browsing experience.



Views focuses on giving the developer as much info about their site and tweaking the visuals. If large amounts of content need to be organized in a concise way, this should be the module of choice. Every visual aspect of the page is broken down into concise sections, where the dev can see from a glance how they are interconnected.


Administration menu

If you’re familiar with interfaces like Wordpress, then Administration menu is the perfect tool for you. It adds a handy series of drop-down menus so you can easily edit the various aspects of your site without having to navigate through the code. It’s the best hub for managing your site quickly without having to change things manually.



It can be tedious to specify the various path alias needed to make a website, but Pathauto makes it easier than ever. This module will automatically create a unique url based on the the type of content. Instead of being assigned a number, it will make a url from the name of the object, allowing developers to know exactly what they’re adjusting. Organizing path aliases has never been so simple!



Integrating surveys and forms requires the Webform module. The person conducting the survey is notified when a submission is received. With the ability to export the data to Microsoft Excel and an open API for expansion, there are no shortage of ways to utilize such a great module.


Hundreds of great modules are available for Drupal and we’ve only highlighted some of our favorites. Experiment with your own site and find the ones that will bring your site to its maximum potential.

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