Nerdybot - Conversational Engagement

By jason on 06/27/2017

We have rebuilt our site with an emphasis on a conversational experience with our visitors.  It may or may not turn out to be the right idea, we are measuring and will find out soon enough.

We want to engage our visitors, and typically they come to our site expecting the ability to click around, review our site and about us, and then if they want to - to fill out our contact form. This is typical, and we thought we could upgrade the interaction with our website and personify our brand a bit with our Nerdybot.

A few things we hypothesize:

  • If we can get someone to engage with our chat, we can learn more about them and better communicate our value 
  • When users engage, they will enjoy it and feel like they are communicating with a person
  • It will deliver users what they came for more efficiently and immediately start the conversation with them automatically

Building relationships online is about conversations.

We believe Nerdybot helps move these conversations forward.

Our current version has a few features:

  • Natural Language understanding - good enough to identify phrases that we can map to user "Intents". Currently, we support around 30 intents
  • Links to automatically open and send message into the chat on the users behalf
  • Autofill suggestions to make it easy for the 
  • Basic contact info collection & recognition - phone number, email, name
  • Logging of events into an analytics package
  • Slack integration - where each conversation begins a thread in slack that can be overtaken by a human from within slack
  • support for some Commands - /clear will clear the chat history, /delete-history will delete the entire chat history /help will show help
  • Blinking cursor when chat window is closed
  • Ability to set campaign specific tracking when users match certain criteria
  • Recognize visitors conversations across visits, and help enrich the return experience

And, it is the very first website with a Delete feature. #It'sTrue

As Nerdybot matures, we have a few things on our roadmap, when we get time:

  • Wordpress Plugin so you can create your own Nerdybot
  • Support Client Workflows: file sharing, support tickets, project details/repository access, taking orders, accepting payments
  • Respond to basic support tasks: How do I reset my website admin password?, I need a backup of my website, etc

We're excited to have it live, and now eagerly watch it while we attend to our client work.

Please let us know how we can make it better.  All ideas are appreciated.


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