same same but different - better together

By jason on 08/06/2013

I had the good fortune of meeting with two of the best and brightest in Boise today. During the meeting, a quote was thrown out by Tara Russell of Create Common Good - "same same but different".

Like a lot of what was said, I was compelled to write it down and digest it.

Entrepreneurship is about making an impact - some entrepreneurs make a killing financially, others socially (think Ben Quintana & BYP - Boise Young Professionals). In Boise, there's a lot going on and some great resources available - the community is ripe for a string of successes, and there's individuals and groups that are doing everything they can to create the conditions for it.

Faisal Shah knows a thing or two (and more) about success, and is generous with his time and mentoring. He's definitely opened my eyes to a lot of subtle differences between attempts at start-ups and start-ups with legs. It seems that everything he's involved in advances and matures appropriately.

In my experience, he doesn't do a lot of talking and telling - he's much more about doing. Which makes what a lot of the same that goes on - different - and more successful.

Great people, ideas, opportunities - Boise Rules!

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