SEO Boise - People search for what you offer, where are you?

By jason on 08/06/2013

SEO Boise - as in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - first, some background:

You're in business, using the web to find and engage an audience. As part of a successful web presence, your site should be visible, clearly communicate what you do, and engage people to learn more, do business, or contact you.

What is SEO? Wikipedia has a nice write-up of what SEO is. Google has a good definition and some help regarding SEO.

Essentially, SEO is the communication of what you do in a way that search engines and others know how to promote you. It needs to be done in a way to optimize the conversion of the visitor into a customer, to be successful.

We have many tools at our disposal:

Excellent user tested design, leading the visitor to the appropriate places on your web pages to find what they're looking for.

Excellent usability and user interaction, where the user can quickly find and do what they need.

SEO copy writing and seo copy editing. While communicating what you do and how you help is paramount to converting prospects into customers, effective seo efforts is all about seo copy writing and editing. Make sure that things are put in a way that search engines and others know how to best promote you.

Analytics to track and measure the success of your efforts.

Encourage people to share what you do, and customers to share how you've helped.

SEO Resources:
SEO Moz a well respected seo software company with great materials and guides.

Keyword Research:
Understand what people are searching for, and identify the highest value keywords to target with seo efforts.

A Boise SEO company, tsuvo has a powerful market analysis offering that helps to identify high search volume keywords with low competition for high return on investment. Not only is the tool helpful, tsuvo is a great company with good culture, values, and expertise.

Once you've identified the keywords to target, it's time for seo copy writing, editing, analytics, and innovation.

Stay tuned for more info, or contact us.

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