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By jason on 08/06/2013

A Boise client,, referred someone to us for some web help - Mike at Mike has invented an overhead drill press, has put together a website, good content, photos, and integrated paypal for some e-commerce.

He had invested a fair amount in his website, and had not seen a return. He was skeptical of paying a lot of money for SEO in Boise, although he recognized the need for it, and was hoping for someone to prove the value.

We met, discussed the website, product, target demographic, audience, and strategies to help his search engine rankings for those categories.

At the time, Nerdy Dragon was offering a $39 SEO Starter Special; where we'd help build back-links for only $39 per month. We planned our approach and followed through on our action plan.

We submitted the website to directories, social bookmarking sites, and distributed an article that he wrote. We focused on the keywords:

1. Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press
2. Strong Arm 5 Mobile Drill Press
3. Strong Arm 5 Inverted Drill Press

1. Power Tool
2. Mobile Tool
3. Hand Held Tool
4. Safety Tool
5. Drill Press

Tags"or human friendly phrases, something like:
1. Portable Tools
2. Cool Tools
3. Most Variable Tools
4. Fast Tools
5. Most Convenience

We went about a small campaign, with a $195 budget. After a few months, we got a call from Mike, and he was pleased to report that sales had jumped on his website; he could see his site ranking well in the search terms we chose, and was busy making the product that he invented so he could ship them out to the new customers.

I think his exact words were: "I'm not sure what you did, but I know it's working." - Thanks Mike :)

It was exciting to hear him describe how he had to leave Alaska early, so he could assemble and send out the new orders. He shipped out 8 one day, and 11 another. He's close to the volume he needs to consider the business successful on a day to day basis.

We look forward to working with, and other businesses in need, to deliver powerful SEO service and business value.

If you're skeptical of how SEO will benefit your business, Contact us, or if you'd like a Boise SEO Company, let's meet up and discuss how we can collaborate for mutual success.