So, we get a phone call...

By jason on 08/06/2013

"I'm a dog breeder, and I need a website. 4 pages, 2 contact forms, SEO, and all that stuff. What does that cost?"

I went on to explain our "Enterprise Website", with the Drupal Content Management System, where we'd provide a custom designed theme tailored to his liking. Additionally, he'd be able to easily add/edit text, images, etc. This runs $495, and he'd need to add second form which would be an additional cost, depending upon his requirements.

He says: "Is that per year?"

No, that's a one time fee. The SEO is a monthly service, however. I described how we'd go about optimizing his site for on-page SEO, as well as inbound link building as well as the measurement of the effectiveness and methods to review and refine the approach.

After a few minutes of providing additional details about our process, previous projects, and some specific ideas for a dog breeding website, he says:

"I need to let you in on something."

I thought he was going to mention that I talk too much, or something along those lines. He went on to say:

"I work for ___ Websites, a local competitor. I was just calling to check our competition and their pricing, however I really do need a website in a couple of months, and Nerdy Dragon is way better than IDS."

"You're very informative; I like the way your system sounds and your SEO services are much better than anything we offer. I'm going to have you do my website, I'll be in contact within a couple of months."

Thanks ____, for checking out the competition. We appreciate your consideration, although we have a slightly different view.

We believe our only competition is our own ability to manage growth and continue to provide excellent customer service.

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