So What is SXSW?

By eric on 08/18/2016

If you clicked on this blog post, you’re probably wondering what this whole SXSW deal is all about. Well, you’re in luck! We’ll be looking at all of the excitement that comes along with the event.


SXSW, or South by SouthWest, is divided into 4 distinct tradeshows that focus on film, music, comedy, and interactivity respectively. All four take place simultaneously throughout 10 days of activities, so you’ll always have something to do.                                                                       

Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect to find from each section:  



Filmmakers of every facet of cinema are welcome at the film exhibition of SXSW. Categories include narrative that focuses on storytelling, documentaries, headliners featuring highly anticipated big budget Hollywood productions, and a host of other screenings for various other categories as well as short films. There are also competitions for narrative and documentary feature films with 10 world premieres each, where it’s up to the audience to decide which film wowed them the most. 




Singers and musicians from all over the world gather at SXSW to put on the show of a lifetime. It’s a fantastic opportunity for music enthusiasts to experience different kinds of music they wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. And who knows: maybe you’ll find your new favorite band in the midst of it all.

Performances are not limited to a single venue, but span across the entirety of the city of Austin, Texas. They could be anywhere from parks to bars to even churches. Great music should not be confined to a single stage and everyone deserves their turn to shine. In addition to the myriad of individual performers that make appearances, record labels and larger conglomerates get in on the action to showcase the talent they’re housing too.



So what’s the deal with airline food? Amidst the rush of every other activity going on, why not sit down and have a few laughs from the comedy section of the convention? You can enjoy live shows, hilarious panels, and don’t forget the live podcast recordings. You’re sure to have a great time no matter what you decide to do.





Finally, there’s the interactive portion. Startups and larger companies alike showcase their developments for everyone in attendance to enjoy. This is also a great chance to network and connect with other companies in hopes of broadening your horizons. Educating yourself about current tech trends as well as getting early exposure to new ones is extremely important in our ever-evolving tech world and SXSW provides that opportunity. If you want to read about some of the great startups we at Nerdy Dragon experienced at last year’s event, you can check it out here. The innovations that are coming soon are truly astounding!        


Whether you want to watch up-and-coming films, enjoy some sweet new jams, laugh out loud, or experience the advancements of the tech industry, SXSW has something for everyone. It continues to grow with every passing year, so don’t miss your chance to attend next year’s show. You won’t regret it!   

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