Web Design in Boise, Idaho with expertise in software development and content management

By jason on 08/06/2013

Boise, Idaho Web Design firm - Nerdy Dragon

Web Design is one of the areas of expertise, along with software development, e-commerce, and content management; for this Boise based web design company.

Nerdy Dragon opened it's doors and began offering a web development program for everyone, and has since helped businesses large and small to advantage their business with the power of the web.

Excellent web design is not a rarity in Boise, Idaho. There are many good design firms, however not all of them invest in software expertise.

A great looking website is an important part of the equation, however the ease of maintenance, and automation of certain website management tasks is a huge benefit that separates Nerdy Dragon from others.

For website management, Nerdy Dragon leverages the incredibly powerful Drupal Content Management Platform. Customizing Drupal to allow simple input, automatic display, automated publishing/unpublishing, secure content, and many other reasons.

Web Designers are an integral part of creating the look and feel of the website, however it's ideal to have some system for regularly updated content so that a non-technical person can get the content they need to share on the web, and have it display automatically where it needs to, and have it automatically look great.

Below are some elements of Good Design:

  • Effective content organization and display
  • Simple and clear navigation
  • Appropriate complimentary
  • images/photographs/icons
  • Color usage
  • Minimal clicking
  • Uniqueness, distinguishing characteristics
  • Usage of CSS
  • Optimized page load time
  • Browser compatibility
  • Web Design Technologies

  • Flash/ActionScript
  • Javascript/jQuery/Prototype
  • Clean, Professional, Contemporary, Bold, Unique, Creative - Design Genres

When in Boise, Idaho and Web Design is the need, contact Nerdy Dragon.

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