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By jason on 08/06/2016

Sometimes the best ideas fall silently. Sometimes the best systems wither and fail. And sometimes, something you've done becomes a sensational success, generating wide adoption and introducing a host of new issues.

We're talking about scalability and availability. When what you have is what people want, the challenge becomes getting it to them quickly and when they want it.

Internet history is rife with examples of overwhelming demand that impedes a business' ability to deliver the promised goods. From the famous 1999 Victoria's Secret super bowl commercial, to the issue of being "Slashdotted", too much success often brings the infrastructure delivering that content to a crashing halt.

It's a problem that the unknowns love, and the established businesses fear. We encounter this thought process in nearly every venture that we pursue here at Nerdy Dragon. Great ideas are a dime a dozen, ideas with the resources to execute are a bit more expensive and rare, and well executed ideas with significant adoption are about as common as having a pet eagle.

In any event, you must take success into account. How do you handle fast growth? In our current day, it's possible for millions of new fans to be created within days, and it's possible for a broke individual to launch a data-center to support that type of adoption on a shoestring budget.

I'm talking about the cloud. At Nerdy Dragon, we're on the cloud bandwagon, and are excited to launch projects with high availability and high performance capabilities. Whether it's 1 user or 1 million, we utilize cloud services to deliver the same experience regardless.

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